Going through a digital transformation can be a daunting task. REW can take a look at your business processes and advise you on what is the best way to proceed. It doesn't matter if you are using an old piece of software or looking to build something completely new and unique, we will help you find the best solution for your company.


Keeping up with today's tech evolution speed is impossible unless being on top of technology is your only job. This is why IT advisory services are so popular. Companies of all sizes make good use of professional advice, backed with global IT insights and niche expert opinions.

IT advisory is aimed at defining your company's problems and needs, offering and estimating solutions, as well as an implementation roadmap for the approved ones.

At the base level, IT advisory supports complex IT transformations within an organization, improves infrastructure performance, and optimizes costs.

IT advisory is equally useful for midsize startups and large companies. However, depending on the company specifics, its profile, and business goals, IT advisory services may differ. There's also a chance that the roadmap provided by the advisory team will demand more executional resources than your company can acquire. If that is the case, an IT advisory contractor, like REW Technology, will provide additional tech staff to meet your agenda.


Let's explore some of the services that REW Technology is capable of offering you within the process.

IT Strategy Development

  • Defining your business goals.
  • Make a plan with future goals in mind.
  • Choosing from among the best available strategies.
  • Coming up with the implementation budget and timeline.

Cost Optimization

  • Analyzing your current financial status and IT requirements.
  • Negotiating with IT services and products suppliers.
  • Looking for better funding options for the new IT strategies.
  • Formulating an outsourcing plan for significant business processes.
Cloud Optimization

  • Creating the cloud platform strategy for your business.
  • Estimating future perspectives of the cloud computing model.
  • Coming up with a plan required to adapt to the cloud computing infrastructure.
  • Helping to standardize a plan for addressing security issues.
  • Evaluating the cloud ROI so that you know the profits you can expect.
Data Management

  • Identifying which data is essential to your company.
  • Identifying the underlying risks related to data usage.
  • Formulizing a data management strategy.
  • Ensuring the data capturing method is suitable for your business model.
  • Cross-functional data analysis along with value managing.


At REW Technology we believe that IT advisory works best for companies seeking structural transformations above everything else. Most common cases of enterprises, mid-sized companies, and mature startups looking for IT advisory include:

A Big Company Seeking Modernization
Executives understand the struggle of IT optimization in a large company. Rigid legacy processes and systems often can't support newer transformative technologies. In fact, McKinsey states that 70% of digital transformations fail. A good reason to ask for professional help, isn't it?

A Company Demanding Digitization Roadmap
If your company has a basic plan and some broad-brush goals, the advisory team, backed up by their technical and operational expertise, will provide you with a detailed roadmap that will help you achieve your goal. You need resources to support the pilot as well as scale it further.

A Mature Startup Looking for Optimization
IT advisory might seem like a fancy service for financially secured large companies. It's not the case. If you are a dynamic startup experiencing rapid growth, you should take a close look at IT advisory services too.

While larger companies can easily overcome financial losses from weak strategies due to their risk management teams and hefty budgets, startups often don't have this luxury. You are pressured by responsibility for the investor's expectations, and the startup specifics make you go all in. That's when expert help is priceless.


Contemporary business management is an art empowered by technology, and if you want to succeed at it, you will need some experience and expertise in the field. Whether you are new or a seasoned player, hiring IT advisory firm, like REW Technology, is a smart thing to do.
Business Change and Process Improvement
The world of business is a turbulent place. REW is a reliable when it comes to helping you adapt to changes and make improvements where and when necessary.
Project Discovery
Analyze the possibilities and advantages of your business idea before the development stage to make well-informed decisions.
Software Code Audit
Our experienced technical specialists can review your code to verify its quality according to best development practices and provide tips on how to improve it.
Digital Strategy
We stick to our motto and create digital strategies that help you grow your business.
Software Architecture
Software Development Practices Advice
We will help you define the architecture of your solution so that it meets your business strategy and needs.
You can use our extensive experience to obtain advice on the best software development practices.