CLIENT: A multinational hospitality operator. One of the largest hotel chains in the world.


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    The Client requested a road map of implementing a self-service platform to provision and govern multiple clouds across different company divisions.

    The main challenge was that each of the Client´s business units had its own way of handling infrastructure. It was a significant obstacle affecting overall productivity and creating numerous issues such as multiple implementations of same resource, unpredictable change management, and complex inventory tracking.

    The team worked in an unpredictable environment for 6 months. It was more like a startup-oriented approach, where the main stakeholder wants to be the first who brings a product to the market, being as flexible as possible and changing direction as many times as needed to succeed.


    • Centralized Management

    Unified Control. The self-service platform provides a centralized hub for managing multiple clouds, allowing the hotel chain to have a unified view and control over its diverse cloud resources. This centralized approach simplifies administration and governance.

    • Agile Provisioning

    Efficient Resource Allocation. The self-service model enables swift and automated provisioning of cloud resources across various divisions. This agility enhances the speed at which teams can access and utilize the required infrastructure, facilitating faster project deployments and reducing time-to-market.

    • Cost Optimization

    Resource Efficiency. The platform facilitates better control over resource allocation, ensuring that each division uses cloud resources optimally. This leads to cost savings by preventing overprovisioning and optimizing resource usage based on actual needs.

    • Reduced IT Bottlenecks

    Empowered Teams. With self-service capabilities, individual divisions have the autonomy to provision and manage their cloud resources without relying on centralized IT teams for every request. This empowerment reduces bottlenecks, allowing IT professionals to focus on strategic initiatives.

    • Scalability and Flexibility

    Adaptability to Growth. The platform is designed to scale with the hotel chain’s growth. As new divisions or projects emerge, the self-service model can easily adapt to accommodate increased demands for cloud resources, providing scalability and flexibility.

    • Enhanced Security and Compliance

    Standardized Security Measures. The platform ensures that security measures are consistently applied across all divisions, reducing the risk of security vulnerabilities. This standardization contributes to a more secure and compliant cloud environment.

    • User Satisfaction

    Effortless User Experience. The self-service nature of the platform offers an intuitive and user-friendly experience for divisions across the hotel chain. This ease of use enhances user satisfaction and encourages broader adoption of cloud resources.

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