CLIENT: An innovative telecom operator, industry leader in A2P niche.


    In terms of application management, the Client met challenges that not only demanded considerable time investments but also posed obstacles to seamless functionality. From the recurring issue of memory leaks causing disruptions to manual initialization requirements for specific processes, the operational landscape was obstructed with inefficiencies.

    Additionally, the non-functional state of the GUI interface further compounded the complexities until REW developed strategic solutions to revitalize the efficiency and functionality of the Client’s application.

    • The Client´s team spent about 4-6 hours per week monitoring and managing the application.
    • Memory leaks were causing frequent issues.
    • Certain processes required manual initialization.
    • The Operations team created a large watchdog utility scanning for various errors, which they wanted to eliminate once the application was re-developed.
    • The GUI interface was non-functional and needed to be restored.

    • Reducing monitoring and management time

    By rewriting the application from scratch, we reduced the need for manual intervention. The application now runs reliably, minimizing the time spent by the Operations team babysitting it. Ops now spends on monitoring and management only 1-2 hours per week.

    • Resolving memory leaks

    Through careful code optimization and memory management techniques, REW successfully addressed the memory leaks that were causing frequent issues.

    • Streamlining processes and automation

    REW ended the need for manual initialization of certain processes. These processes were automated, ensuring seamless execution without human intervention.

    This automation not only saved time but also reduced the risk of human error.

    • Restoring GUI interface and enhancing functionality

    REW successfully restored the functionality of the GUI interface, allowing users to interact with the application seamlessly. Additionally, new components were added to improve search capabilities and data editing, enhancing the overall user experience and productivity.

    • Increasing processing ability

    The redeveloped application can now efficiently process dozens of large files simultaneously, with each file holding up to 10 million lines of data. This significant increase in processing capacity allows for faster data processing and quicker turnaround times, positively affecting the overall business operations.

    • Error notification solution

    REW implemented an error notification system that sends automated email notifications to the support team in case of errors or failures during processing.

    This enables the support team to quickly respond and address any issues, minimizing downtime and improving overall system reliability.


    The implementation of these enhancements has not only resolved existing challenges but has elevated the Client´s application to new heights of efficiency, stability, and user satisfaction. These positive results underscore the strategic impact of ENUM project in shaping a more advanced and responsive communication infrastructure.

    REW’s strategic approach has not only met but exceeded expectations, delivering quantifiable improvements that positively affect both operational efficiency and the end-user experience.

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