CLIENT: One of the world's leading dating apps.


    The Client was looking for guidance in optimizing their storage tech with innovative, cloud-ready solutions and implementing the best industry practices of transforming data into powerful business outcomes.

    The Client requested an expert strategy for deploying Puppet Enterprise using configuration management best practices. But after studying the Client´s environment, we have realized that the Puppet Enterprise solution is extremely expensive for them.

    The main challenge was introduced by the Client´s extensive infrastructure counting more than 12 000 servers and the necessity of purchasing licenses for each of them. The cost of strategic Puppet Enterprise implementation could exceed $1,000,000 per year.


    Our team of experienced engineers came up with a solution – an implementation of Foreman – a complete lifecycle management tool for physical and virtual servers, allowing easy automation of repetitive tasks, rapid applications deployment, and proactive servers management, on-premise or in the cloud.

    But the most important benefit of Foreman implementation was that, while providing the same functionality, it did not require licensing.

    To persuade the Client and demonstrate all the benefits of the proposed strategy, we have developed POC for both Foreman and Puppet Enterprise solutions revealing the opportunity to avoid staggering annual expenses.



    • Unified Infrastructure Management

    Single Dashboard. Foreman supplies a centralized dashboard for managing the entire infrastructure, combining control and visibility into one interface. This unification simplifies administrative tasks and enhances overall infrastructure governance.

    • Open-Source Flexibility

    Open-Source Advantage. The shift to Foreman brings with it the advantages of an open-source platform. This flexibility allows the client to customize and adapt the system to their specific needs, fostering a more tailored and responsive infrastructure.

    • Improved Scalability

    Efficient Resource Scaling. Foreman’s architecture is designed for scalability, enabling the client to easily scale their infrastructure as business needs evolve. This ensures that the IT environment can seamlessly accommodate growth and increased demand for resources.

    • Enhanced Provisioning and Automation

    Efficient Server Provisioning. Foreman streamlines server provisioning and automates repetitive tasks, reducing manual intervention. This results in faster deployment of resources and a more responsive infrastructure that can adapt to changing requirements promptly.

    • Integrated Configuration Management

    Seamless Integration. Foreman seamlessly integrates with configuration management tools, providing a cohesive solution for managing configurations across the entire server fleet. This integration enhances consistency and reduces the risk of configuration drift.

    • Cost Optimization

    Reduced Operational Overheads. The transformation to Foreman has contributed to a great reduction in operational overheads. Automation and license free management translated to time and cost savings for the Client, resulting in significant optimization of their IT budget.

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