CLIENT: A multi-user platform providing IT services for individual consumers, small to large businesses and enterprise clients.


    The Client supplied file storage services using the features of various object storage platforms, specifically Caringo and Atmos.

    Letting users store their files across different providers, the Client was improving redundancy and availability.

    Due to licensing model complexities with current providers the Client wanted to expand their platform by incorporating AWS.


    • AWS S3 Setup

    We set up AWS S3 buckets with the proper configurations: namings, permissions, versioning, replication rules, encryption and monitoring dashboards. We created objects lifecycle rules for transition and expiration scenarios.

    • Implementation

    We updated the application configuration to include the necessary AWS properties and implemented the required code changes to interact with the AWS S3 service using the AWS SDK.

    • DB Update

    We included AWS S3 provider as an alternative storage option and modified clients’ configuration to enable AWS S3 support.

    • Migration

    All new files were uploaded to and stored at AWS S3 by default. Files requested from other storages were automatically replicated to AWS S3.

    Finally, we validated the integrity and correctness of the migrated data and created a plan to decommission current providers after a specified period.


    • Enhanced Security

    Various security features such as access policies, fine-grained permissions and encryption at rest ensure the confidentiality and integrity of stored objects.

    • High Availability

    By offering a service level availability agreement, the Client assures end users that their data is universally accessible and retrievable.

    • Performance Improvement

    The Client has experienced performance improvements and achieved higher throughput of the data storage and retrieval operations.

    • Visibility & Monitoring

    AWS S3 provides the Client with enhanced visibility and monitoring features allowing to gain insights into the usage and performance of S3 resources and optimize storage costs.

    • Cost Optimization

    The Client has reduced storage expenses through AWS flexible pricing options and by moving less often accessed data to lower-cost storage tiers.

    • AWS Ecosystem integration

    The integration with AWS S3 as an object storage provider has created new possibilities for integrating more added AWS services in the future.

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