What is Healthcare Software?

Healthcare or medical software – is a system of innovative solutions and services that REW Technology develops for its clients to deliver exceptional patient care and better clinical outcomes.

COVID-19 has dramatically recalibrated the situation in the medical software market. Some optional software has become a pure necessity as healthcare facilities were overloaded. It is clear as never before how digital health technology is important for the future of health services.

Let's look at some examples of healthcare software that are in the highest demand for now.

Types of Medical Software

  • Healthcare Management Software
(or Hospital management software) is an automation of the operations not directly involved with care delivery: facility maintenance, inventory, bed management, pharmacy monitoring, supplies monitoring, patient registration, utility bills, etc.

  • Healthcare Monitoring Devices
from smartphone-connected glucometers, monitoring blood sugar levels, food habits, and activity level, to wearable devices able to predict an asthma attack.

  • Surgery Software
robotic surgery involved in orthopedics, general surgery, neurology, otolaryngology, bariatric, multiple ontologies, dental implants, hair transplants, and other fields.

  • Healthcare CRM Software
helping to create and track appointments as well as manage and store clients' data such as medical history, visits, bills, etc.

  • Healthcare Analytics Software
designed for tracking the condition and number of patients, lab research, workforce rotation, technology development and other relevant data aimed at making more accurate diagnosis and predicting treatment results.

Do I need Healthcare Software?

You do, if these two business goals are something that you plan to deliver.

Cost efficiency and optimization

Due to automation and digitalization of your core processes you'll be able to reduce manual labor on various qualification levels, use physicians' time in a more precise and effective way, eliminate waste and decrease your costs.

Better patient service

Letting your patients access their medical information at their fingertips will greatly save time, increase convenience and overall customer satisfaction. Meanwhile you'll focus on what's more important – better health outcomes.

Our Healthcare Software Services

Business Consulting
REW Technology business analysts will define how smart technology can help your healthcare company reach your business goals and meet your customers' needs in a most modern and client focused way.

Software Engineering
With full respect and no disruption of your ongoing operations, our software experts will provide full cycle product development services. We plan, implement and support your solution architecture as well as UX/UI design.

R&D Services
Contemporary healthcare industry rapid development and evolution sets the bar high. Our R&D team – REW Technology innovation experts – will test your most ambitious business ideas and make them work with our custom healthcare software solutions.

From small private practices to big institutions, healthcare software can significantly improve your service delivery and cost efficiency. We can modernize all the industry aspects and processes – from administration to lab testing - making healthcare patient-centered, accessible and satisfying.
Main benefits of Healthcare Software
Reduce medical errors, enhance your diagnostic capabilities and spend your valuable time focused on delivering exceptional care.
Patient information safety
Avoid the risks of sensitive medical data leakage and loss. Use blockchain technology and data tokenization for secure, decentralized data transfer and management.
Effective use of data
Improve healthcare quality with data-driven decision-making and evidence-based clinical practice. Analize and make use of your processes and patient insights like never before.