What are Managed Services?

Managed service is an outsourced responsibility for maintaining processes and functions of your company in order to improve operational workflow and reduce expenses. These types of agreements are normally regulated by a service-level contracts with defined performance and quality metrics.

As opposed to classic break/fix model, when service provider is performing services on-demand and billing for the work done, it's rather a subscription, whereas REW Technology delivers a remote 24/7 overseeing and managing of the customer's IT assets.

Our RMM system (remote monitoring and management) is a precise tool of proactive health maintenance and rapid stabilization of your IT environment, when things go wrong.

Do I need Managed IT Services?
It's an important question for your business, so to address it in a holistic way - answer these three simple questions objectively:

1) Do we have too many service outages and downtime?
2) Have we experienced data loss due to lack of an immediate resolution?
3) Do we have constant problems in Service and Support department?

If one or more of your answers is YES – you might want to consider an implementation of Managed Services.

Business With NO Managed Services
Do you know how much each desktop costs in terms of emergency services, lost productivity and opportunity? An overage of $4000 a year (according to Gartner study).

Without managed services business is more vulnerable, costly and unpredictable. Not to mention the damage of unscheduled downtime, caused by a virus or technical failure.

Benefits of Managed Services
With REW Technology, you can expect a drastic reduction of outages and downtime accompanied by a lower IT cost. One of the ways of achieving such result is a rapid detection and resolution of your problems. Before you even notice them.

So, core benefits for your business are:
1) better cost control (you pay an optimized and fixed price for your IT health and performance);
2) improved risk management (accurate data facilitates diagnostics and resolution when IT issues do occur);
3) high efficiency and productivity (smooth workflow with less downtime);
4) future-proofing IT (services are monitored with all performance data at our fingertips).

Don't worry about compliance
REW Technology is an expert in helping companies meet compliance. We are focused on compliance and keep it mind throughout all stages of customer interaction.

Open Architecture Platform
Our managed service solution has an open architecture. It means that any addition or removal of systems, devices and software is performed automatically. No matter how complex your environment is, everything will be integrated in a smooth and elegant way.

On a final note, let's compare two ways of business operations and their relevant consequences:
The Do-IT-Myself Way
  • An IT issue happens.
  • You notice the problem.
  • Your team takes eyes off the ball to analyze and solve it.
  • Best case scenario: fault is fairly diagnosed and resolved on first attempt.
  • Worst case scenario: while attempting to solve it, someone from your team accidentally aggravates the problem; case needs more time and more approaches; external help is engaged.
  • Problem is resolved


Best case scenario: one or more resources are distracted from your core operations for part-time or full-time engagement in problem solving. Loss of productivity.
Worst case scenario: external recourses engaged resulting in unplanned costs. Add a cost of downtime. Substantially reduced productivity and lost opportunities
The Managed IT Way
  • REW Technology is alerted before or as the crisis occurs. We are wide-awake 24/7.
  • REW Technology analyze and diagnose the problem.
  • REW Technology performs rapid remote remediation.
  • REW Technology gives you a full report on identified bugs and resolved issues.


  1. The relevant technology specialist, who is on the job from the start, offers a fast and reliable solution.
  2. Your team is focused on delivering better service and strategic goals.
  3. Many cases are resolved proactively. Before you even aware of them.
  4. A significant downtime decrease resulting in a stable and cost-effective environment.