IT operations is the people and processes associated with IT service management to deliver the right set of services at the right quality and at competitive costs for customers.

IT Operations often function as a separate working team within the IT department. An IT Operations group consists of an IT operator led by an IT operations manager.


Types of IT operations that REW Technology can offer include dozens of major processes and hundreds of minor ones that are often heavily automated. The following are the basic elements of IT operations. Note that these processes overlap in many ways and are greatly intertwined.

Service Desk
A single point of contact for stakeholders to submit requests and questions regarding IT services. This represents the customer service interface for all IT operations processes.

Request Fulfillment
The process of accepting requests from stakeholders and fulfilling such requests. This often utilizes a ticket management system that allows users to submit requests. Tickets are then given priorities and assigned to individuals.

Service Strategy
A higher-level activity of assessing customer needs, planning goals and developing strategies for IT services.

Service Design
The design of services to achieve service strategy including elements such as facilities, infrastructure, systems, processes, procedures, information, communications and metrics.

Service Transition
The top-level process of deploying new services and updates to existing services. This includes: change management, release management, deployment management and service testing.

Facility Management
The management of facilities such as data centers. This may be handled by an IT operations team or it may fall under an additional facility management department. Most commonly outsourced.

Asset Management
The process of monitoring and accounting for physical assets such as computing units and know-how assets such as software and knowledge.

Partner Management
Managing suppliers and outsourcing partners (for example, infrastructure providers and security monitoring services).

Network Management
The process of deploying and operating networks.


Here's the top five reasons why you can address REW Technology to help you with IT operations:

Infrastructure Management
Oversight of IT infrastructure is a key responsibility of our IT operations experts. The IT infrastructure is comprised of computing and networking hardware, along with software applications that run on them. Infrastructure management includes oversight of hybrid cloud environments, applications deployed in the cloud, network security management, facilities management and hardware IT infrastructure components.

Configurations Management
Documenting hardware configurations and solution dependencies, as well as implementing new configurations to promote optimal performance of the IT infrastructure and services.

Infrastructure Evolution
REW Technology IT operators can act as innovators who work to evolve your infrastructure. This includes activities such as identifying impacts of change, applying software patches and introducing new hardware and software applications to drive service performance.

Disasters Mitigating
We will plan, simulate and practice disaster recovery situations to protect your business from facing significant downtime and lost revenue if an unexpected disaster causes a major system outage.
Allowing REW technology experts to implement high-class IT operations within your business will result in a wide range of benefits including:
Stability and long-term support delivered with speed and agility.
Flexible yet tried and tested workflows.
Primary focus on the IT operations will streamline the overall IT infrastructure to ensure business consistency.
Seamless physical infrastructure management across multiple business domains.
Optimization of legacy release-based enterprise software developments.