Telecommunications software (or Telecom Software) is any type of software supporting the process of electronic communications, especially those that involve the transmission of audio and video data.

Modern telecommunications industry is a broad field embracing radio, telephone, video, internet and other technical communication systems. There are many different types of software designed to support telecommunication functions in various settings, ranging from a simple app installed by an end user, to the software systems driving entire networks. With regards to the purpose of the software, it may be utilized to enable wireless devices as well as to drive fiber optic and copper wire networks.

That's why telecom companies hire an IT service provider like REW Technology to help them manage and protect their computer technology. High-quality IT support is a key in today's telecom market, where now everything is digital and stored and used as data.


Network cloudification
Cloud-native network infrastructure implementation helps to cut costs, achieve service elasticity, and rationalize VNF (Virtual Network Functions) onboarding and deployment.

IoT solutions implementation
Rolling out custom IoT (Internet of Things) platforms, modules, and apps aimed at capturing new market opportunities and gaining a competitive advantage.

Cognitive systems and analytics
AI-powered data analytics increases customer engagement, boosts business performance and streamlines network operations.

Support systems modernization (BSS/OSS)
Reshape your support systems to engage seamless deployment, management and monetization of 5G, IoT and digital services.

Telecom digital services
Super-fast broadband services and cloud-native VAS (value-added service) applications are a great way to advance your portfolio with next-gen digital offerings.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solutions
Custom-tailored SoftSwitch and Unified Communications solutions let you instantly deploy carrier-grade VoIP service.


No such thing as "one-size-fits-all" exists when it comes to the telecommunication market strategy. This industry is constantly transforming and modernizing. This trend will stay. The global increase of mobile users, introduction of 5G, other innovative technologies force main field players to constantly update their strategies in order to meet customer demands.

It's a big enough fish to fry, so the everyday necessity to worry about keeping all systems running smoothly is overpowering. We can take care of your IT infrastructure maintenance so that you can focus on more important vectors of your business.

REW Technology will ensure the reliability of your phone, television and internet network.
Competitive advantage in the market
Communication service providers (CPS) are facing a fall in the average revenue. Within this framework, developing custom software is a proven strategy and effective remedy for fierce competition in the telecom industry. REW Technology leverage on IoT, LBS, Cloud, and AI/ML technologies to put you ahead of competitors. Our expertise in developing telecom software will empower a breakthrough in your business growth.
Advanced operational support
Automation and implementation of innovative telecom software is a must for the seamless operation of today's telecommunications infrastructure. We specialize in effective and technologically sophisticated telecom software, such as virtual or hosted PBX (private branch exchange) switches, customized SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), VoIP services and cloud-based systems with scalable configuration.
Increased business efficiency
Business support systems (BSS) – the flash and blood of telecom companies – deserve a qualified dedicated approach. That's why REW Technology offers a complex solution of building all the telecom-related digital services: from tariffs and packages automation to debtor management and data verification. Our additional expertise is boosting client's business with interactive self-service portals and chatbots.