Programmers code all day, have meetings on how to code better, then code again, then debug all night. Normally, they go through thousands of code lines per day.  

But it does not mean it is the only thing they are good at. Programmers also have a great sense of humor. Because they can laugh at themselves. You can laugh too, even if you are not a programmer. It always helps. No matter how hard it can be. 


* All personalities in this text are fictional and any resemblance is a coincidence. 


6:30 – Alarm clock.  

Me: "Just 10 more minutes". 


 7:00 – 3rd alarm.  

Me: "Ok, ok, I’m up!" 


 7:30 – Quick breakfast and off to work. 

For breakfast it’s quinoa with spinach garnished with germinated wheat. And a ginger-cucumber smoothie. No, no, don’t feel sorry for me! Eating healthy means staying productive! 


8:00 – Working day starts with a kick-off meeting.  

I feel confident and proactive. I put on an attentive and intelligent face, even if I don't care. Everybody finds me positive and negotiable. I am very polite at pointing at some ridiculous and meaningless task. Just one little comment. Then I don't argue. Then I promise myself that I will finish the task anyway and when it turns out to be what it is, I will not say “I said so!”. 


 8:30 – I drink coffee and look at the screen.  

I think it is something in the elvish languages. 


 09:00 – I am still drinking coffee and looking at the screen. 

Bingo! It’s the source code of the program that I'm working on. 


 09:30 - 11:30 – I receive calls from clients, bosses and customers.  

I’m keeping calm. If the client was interested in my opinion, he would not have hired a project manager, a product owner, a scrum master, an agile master and a UI designer. I let these hipsters share their opinions, visions and marketing insights. I provide technical support. 


12:00 - 13:00 – Lunch.  

I have half a pizza and two large glasses of cola. I'm normally not like that, but today this new girl ended her probation. So... Team spirit is the king! 


13:30 – Working on a project.  

After sixth cup of coffee, I’ve realized that I know Elvish. I can even write something in it! 


14:00 - 17:00 – Working on a project. 

Had to rewrite a feature. 7 times. From scratch. Because SOW was changing. As a result, the feature became worse than it was before. But I'm ok. Seriously, I’m fine. 


 17:00 -18:00 – Fixing bugs. 

When I was fixing the last bug, stumbled upon a critical issue. And then one more bug on line 255. No idea how to fix it. Time to go home. 


18:00 - 19:00 – On the way home.  

I have an idea! Looks like I know how to fix everything. Wait...No, that is not going to work. 


 19:00 - 20:00 – Family dinner. 

My cat has his favorite cat food. And I have... well I ordered in. I am normally not like that, but today was such a long day. 


20:00 - 22:00 – Movies, series, videogames. 

Sometimes I even manage to fit all of these in two hours. Work hard – party hard! 


 22:00 – Time for a personal project. 

It has been slightly more than a year since I started working on a native Android application. It has eight screens, and no one has gone beyond the second so far. On the bright side, it has already been downloaded 47 times from Google Market. It will be the next big thing. Trust me on this. 


 00:00 – Time to go to sleep. 

Wow, time flies! It seemed like it was just eleven o'clock. 


 01:30 – Already in bed. 

My brain: “Hey, are you sleeping?” 

Me: “Yes, now shut up, please.” 

My brain: “I know how to fix that bug on line 255”. 

Me: “...” 


 01:30 - 6:30 – Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.