If you have worked in the digital marketing, you’re familiar with B2B and B2C business types. But you might not be familiar with modern B2B and B2C marketing strategies.  Times have changed and so the marketing did. So how to keep up with the trends and sell like its 2022 not 2005? 


First, let's get rid of formalities, long processes and impersonal selling. While B2C tends to modernize itself quite quickly, in B2B we still see a lot of space for improvement.  


1. Customer relationships 


B2B: Build personal relationships 

B2B marketing and lead generation is focused on building personal relationships in order to keep business long-term. It gives you the opportunity to show off your business values and company vision, allowing to connect with your targeted audience and separate your business from competitors. 


B2C: Establish transactional relationships 

 B2C marketing is all about directing consumers to products or services on your client’s website and drive sales. In order to achieve it, your customer must be provided with a near-perfect customer experience with your website. 

Review collection is a great way to do it. You would be using taglines like: “Give us your feedback and receive 20% off next purchase!” 


2. Branding 


B2B: Focus on relationships 

Branding in B2B is tricky. Not only you need to drive lead generation, but to give your company a clear positioning and personality shine in the market.  


B2C: Prioritize your message 

Number one priority here is to make an emotional connect with the customer and motivate to make a purchase. Priority number two is creating loyalty with the customer. Credible visuals and motivational copy might be of a good help. 


3. Decision-Making Process 


B2B: Keep communication open  

The key is a transparent communication between companies to understand whether it is a good match for both parties. Comparing the positive sides of your company to your competitors can be highly effective. 


B2C: Simplify the process 

At the very top of the conversion funnel, a B2C marketer must create influential ads building the need for a product. If there is no firm decision to buy your product, consumers will look at your competitors for a similar product quicker and for a better deal. The challenge is to simplify their decision-making process. 




Market like every customer is the most important to you. Make them feel more important. Personalized and targeted messages, based on your company's data, are the best way to do it. REW Technology can help your company understand if it has a great data strategy in order to provide your clients with the best customer experience you can give them.